Shapiguzov Sergey
Managing Partner, FBKs President
T: +7 495 737-53-53
Since 1990 Sergey managing large organizational structures in the auditing and consulting business. During his work at KPMG Reviconsult, he directed the Russian operations of one of the largest auditing and consulting firms in the world. Sergey currently carries out the functions of FBK’s sole executive body and is responsible for the development and expansion of the company. He oversees the provision of audit and consulting services to the company’s major clients. The attached resume contains a description of the main audit projects implemented under Sergey Shapiguzov’s leadership. Sergey has extensive experience in managing large-scale projects in the audit and consulting business. Under his direction, more than 150 successful projects for leading Russian and international organizations and state and municipal agencies have been carried out in auditing and consulting. He is one of the most respected experts in accounting and auditing and plays an active role in organizations which are developing auditing principles and standards in Russia. Information about Sergey Shapiguzov placed in an international reference book Who is Who in Russia.
Work experience
Head of company FBK since its inception in 1990 (The company was called “Kontakt until 1995) Headed the company KPMG Revikonsult from 1992 to 1994.
  • 1984 - Moscow State University. Mathematician
  • 1981 - Faculty of Economics, Moscow State University. Ph.D. in Economics.
  • 1972 - Moscow State University. Mathematical Economist
Professional associations
  • Member of the Association of Independent Directors
  • Member of the Institute of Internal Auditors,
  • Board member of the Russian Union of Industialists and Entrepreneurs
Foreign languages
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