FBK made it into top technology and price audit supplier list


FBK has made it into top 15 national leading firms in Technology and Price Audit and Investment Feasibility, according to the rating survey by the National Association of Technology and Price Audit. Evidence drawn upon for the rating includes the results of public technology and price audit conducted in 2014-2016. The survey was conducted to map out the market of expert organisations well-equipped to supply such services.

“This rating is very helpful for public contracting authorities to determine a list of organisations involved in this activity and the level of their proficiency. We occupy our rightful place in this rating, which is evidential of high professionalism of FBK team engaged in technology and price audit, and investment feasibility,” Igor Sadovnikov, Director of Investment and Construction Assessment Department, noted.

The survey suggests that top 15 audit firms account for almost 90 per cent of the technology and price audit market. As recently as in 2016, 199 investment projects involved technology and price audit to a total of 750 mln roubles.

National Association of Technology and Price Auditors is a non-profit organisation uniting professional technology and price auditors. The main Association’s is basically committed to monitoring public spendings; to further developing technology and price audit market; to further developing assessment and evaluation activities in Russia; to transferring best available technologies to Russia on the recommendations of auditors; to improving quality of construction facilities; reducing costs and improving efficiency of design and technology solutions.


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