FBK to Determine the Value of Shares in Gazpromneft Group Company


Under the agreement with Gazpromneft-Centre LLC, FBK will determine the market value of 75% of shares in the authorized capital of Gazpromneft-Mobilnaya karta JSC.

Stanislav Novikov, Director of Valuation Department, says that in order to make correct business decisions, management need to be aware of the objective market value.

“FBK specialists have extensive experience in business valuation, the most difficult and complicated procedure in valuation practice. Obtained knowledge and developed methods make it possible for us to take into consideration all factors which affect the value of securities,” he said.

Gazpromneft-Centre LLC is one of the sales companies of Gazpromneft PJSC.

Gazpromneft-Mobilnaya karta JSC is a Russian company which is mainly engaged in software development.


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