FBK Grant Thornton to Perform Valuation of ICM Glass Equipment


FBK Grant Thornton has signed an agreement with ICM Glass to perform valuation of operating equipment for the purpose of obtaining a loan from the Industrial Development Fund.

According to Stanislav Novikov, FBK Partner and Director of Valuation Department, valuation of equipment is not an easy task, especially for further pledging. “The equipment market is very changeable; emerging of new appliances, as well as obsolescence and fast depreciation of existing appliances have a big impact on the actual market price and liquidity of any equipment. However, FBK valuation experts have an extensive experience in handling such challenges,” Stanislav Novikov said.

ICM Glass is the largest Russian and European manufacturer of foam glass used for modern soundproofing and thermal insulation. Foam glass is an artificial porous material manufactured by heating a mixture of crushed glass and a chemicalfoaming agent.


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