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10 Lawyers of FBK Legal Included in Annual Individual Ranking of Lawyers PRAVO-300

Pravo.ru published the list of recommended lawyers.

We thank Pravo.ru for such high appreciation of our team and congratulate all winners.

We wish them further successes and great professional accomplishments!

Alexei Nesterenko

Tax consulting and disputes (advisory)

Tax consulting and disputes (disputes)

Alexander Grigoriev

Tax consulting and disputes (advisory)

Tax consulting and disputes (disputes)

Elena Bokareva

Arbitration (mid-market)

Tatiana Matveicheva

Tax consulting and disputes (advisory)

PPP/Infrastructure projects

Retail, FMGG, public catering

Eduard Giulbasarov

Tax consulting and disputes (advisory)

Tax consulting and disputes (disputes)

Retail, FMGG, public catering

Ekaterina Golubeva

Retail, FMGG, public catering

Ekaterina Subbotina

Tax consulting and disputes (advisory)

Andrey Elistratov

Tax consulting and disputes (disputes)

Natalia Gerasimova

Tax consulting and disputes (advisory)

Aleksey Nefedov

PPP/Infrastructure projects


FBK Legal Recognised by Pravo-300 in 14 categories

Tax consulting and foreign exchange regulation practices have been traditionally included in band 1 of the ranking. The ranking’s recommended list also includes tax disputes, arbitration, PPP and infrastructure projects, corporate law/M&A, retail, FMGG and public catering, real estate and construction, natural resources and energy, TMT, pharmaceuticals and healthcare, digital economy, private wealth, and sanctions law.

Courts and customers have used Pravo-300 as a reference point to assess the level and professional competence of legal consultants.


Practice areas

  • Tax consulting (band I)
  • Tax controversy (band II)
  • Foreign trade / Customs law and currency regulation (band I)
  • Competition (band II)
  • Employment and migration law (band II)
  • TMT (band II)
  • Pharmaceuticals and healthcare (band II)
  • Digital economy (band II)
  • Corporate / M&A (high market) (band III)
  • Land law / Commercial real estate / Construction (band III)
  • Intellectual property (consulting) (band III)
  • PPP / infrastructure projects (band II)
  • Natural resources / Energy (band III)
  • Private capital (band III)
  • Sanctions law (band III)
  • Bankruptcy / Insolvency (restructuring and consulting) (band III)
  • Bankruptcy disputes (mid market) (band IV)
  • Arbitration (medium and small disputes — mid market) (recommended)

 Recommended lawyers

  • Nadezhda Orlova (Tax Consulting, Tax Controversy)
  • Alexander Ermolenko (Corporate / M&A (high market), PPP/Infrastructure Projects, Family and Inheritance Law)
  • Sergey Ermolenko (Competition, Corporate / M&A (high market))
  • Tatiana Matveicheva (Tax Consulting)
  • Alexander Grigoriev (Tax Consulting, Tax Controversy)
  • Alexandra Gerasimova (Employment and Migration Law)
  • Natalya Lezhennikova (Corporate / M&A (high market))
  • Elena Shigidina (Corporate / M&A (high market))
  • Natalia Gerasimova (Tax Consulting)
  • Andrey Elistratov (Tax Controversy)
  • Darya Shevtsova (Employment and Migration Law)
  • Anastasia Suvorova (Family and Inheritance Law)


Win rate — 82.5%


Nine lawyers of FBK Legal were recognised by Pravo-300, a leading Russian professional ranking.

FBK Legal’s Partners Alexander Ermolenko (corporate law, private capital management and family law), Nadezhda Orlova (tax consulting, commercial real estate/construction and natural resources), Sergey Ermolenko (competition and corporate law) and Elena Bokareva (land law/commercial real estate/construction) were recognised as leaders in their practice areas. Heads of Practice Tatiana Matveicheva, Alexander Grigoriev and Natalia Gerasimova were also recommended by Pravo-300 in tax consulting. Head of Practice Alexandra Gerasimova was endorsed for her achievements in employment and migration law, while Andrey Elistratov was praised in the tax litigation category.

FBK Legal has been ranked first by Pravo.ru in its Federal Bankruptcy Ranking (among law firms with boutique practice).

In addition, the law firm was ranked sixth among leaders in cases involving inclusion of claims in or exclusion of them from the list of creditor claims and thirteenth according to the amounts won in bankruptcy-related disputes.

FBK Legal has been recognised by Pravo-300 in 14 categories.

The firm received once against Tier 1 ranking in tax litigation and tax consulting. Corporate, competition, arbitration, employment, insolvency, natural resources and energy, land law, commercial real estate and construction, intellectual property and PPP practices were recognised in the ranking — just as last year. The year 2020 was also successful for family and inheritance, pharmaceutical and healthcare, and private capital management practices.

Fifteen lawyers working for FBK Legal were recognised as leaders in their fields: Partners Nadezhda Orlova, Alexander Ermolenko, Sergey Ermolenko, Galina Akchurina, Elena Bokareva; Counsel Levon Grigorian; Heads of Practices Alexandra Gerasimova, Alena Ermolenko, Alexander Grigoriev, Elena Shigidina, Tatiana Matveicheva, Mikhail Golovanev, Natalya Lezhennikova; and Manager Artem Lomize.

FBK Legal was named in the Pravo.ru rating as one of the most active and successful participants in bankruptcy disputes in Russian courts

Key practice areas of FBK Legal have been highly ranked by Pravo-300, a leading professional ranking of law firms in Russia. This year, the firm has been ranked in eleven categories.

FBK Legal has been traditionally the best in taxes. This year, the firm has been ranked first in tax litigations and tax consulting. The firm has also been ranked high in corporate and anti-trust, arbitration, employment, insolvency, natural resources and energy, commercial real estate, intellectual property and PPP categories.

FBK Legal has been ranked among top ten law firms in the Pravo.ru preference ranking.

The firm’s tax lawyers also received special recognition from their colleagues. FBK Legal Partner Alexander Ermolenko was personally named among best Russian lawyers in corporate law.

Pravo.ru has conducted a research of the litigation market and ranked FBK Legal among top 10 firms according to “the number of cases in arbitration” and “the win rate”. 

The ranking of litigators was published for the second time. The research covered 53 law firms that had provided Pravo.ru with the information about their participation in arbitration cases.  According to the organisers, the number of firms increased twofold as compared to the previous year.  


FBK Legal was ranked in nine categories by Pravo.Ru-300 2017.

The firm is still a leader in Tax Law and was recommended in such practices as Arbitration, Corporate Law, Antitrust Law, Natural Resources / Energy, Commercial Real Estate / Construction, Intellectual Property, Employment and Public-Private Partnerships.

Pravo.Ru-300 is the most respected national ranking of legal firms which measures not only financial and reputational parameters but also the quality of accomplished projects, their impact in terms of achievements and development of law enforcement practices and from a social impact perspective.

This year’s Russian major legal rating Pravo.ru 300 has endorsed FBK Legal in a variety of sectors and given as many as three professional ranks to the FBK legal arm. 

The firm has made it into top tier in Tax law category and received recommendations in all major practices: ArbitrationIPNatural resources and energyCorporate lawAntitrust lawCommercial property and construction, EmploymentFBK Legal enjoys ranks in terms of revenuesrevenue per lawyer and revenue by the number of lawyers

Pravo.Ru-300 is the most respected national ranking of legal firms which measures not only financial and reputational parameters but also the quality of accomplished projects, their impact in terms of achievements and development of law enforcement practices and from a social impact perspective. 
FBK Legal has made it into the Top 10 Russian law firms according to Pravo.Ru. 

According to the 6th annual ranking Pravo.Ru-300 2015FBK Legal ranks among top-performing legal practices across all major lines of service, ArbitrationCorporate Law/M&ANatural resources/Power sectorIP and Antitrust law

The ranking experts team which is comprised of legal departments and legal divisions leaders of Russia’s largest companies and banks noted, also high professional renown of the FBK Legal lawyers
According to the rating of «Pravo.Ru-300» for 2014 FBK Legal is listed among the top ten companies leading in terms of the total receipts and receipts per lawyer

FBK Legal is also nominated under the categories of: 

In the annual rating of the law firms «Pravo.Ru-300» FBK Legal has taken the 4th place by volume of total revenue as well as entered top-5 companies in the category «Tax Law» and the number of the best law firms in the key law areas: 

  • Arbitration process;
  • Commercial Real Estate/Construction;
  • Natural Resources/ Energy.
Moreover FBK Legal is a certain leader of the general rating of lawyers, ratings by lawyers education level, their professional experience and career prospects.
In the annual rating of law firms «Pravo.Ru-300», FBK Legal was in 7th place according to earnings and was also among the best legal companies in several key legal areas: 

  • Arbitration;
  • Corporate Law /Mergers and Acquisitions;
  • Commercial Real Estate/Construction;
  • Tax Law;
  • Natural Resources/Energy.