FBK is one of Russia’s leading national audit and consulting groups and is consistently ranked among the top firms in the sector. The Company was established in 1990 just as the market economy began to take shape in Russia – and FBK’s development ever since has been directly linked with the development of a free economic environment. During all these years, FBK has not only served the market economy of the new Russia, but also shaped its values, rules and regulations.


Audit, consulting, and law are the three basic components of the services provided by FBK. They guarantee that the infrastructure of the market economy functions based on the rules, laws and values of an open society.

FBK’s motto is “we explain the world, we change the world” and highlights the need not only to fulfill the professional duties required of auditors, consultants and lawyers, but also the ability to change the country and its economy for the better with the help of the professional community.

Our Company does not differentiate its interests from the wider interests of the country. FBK’s mission is therefore not just to provide quality services, but also to participate in the development of free enterprise and an effective market economy in Russia and to improve the quality of public services.

FBK’s strategic goal is the formation of a world-class company which functions with confidence in the globalized economy.

Basic Information

- FBK was one of the first Russian companies to start working in accordance with international quality standards based on a unified methodology.

- FBK employs more than 800 staff at our offices in Moscow, Kazan, Minsk and Zlatoust. In collaboration with the offices of our regional partners in five Russian federal districts and a number of CIS countries, they provide more than 50 types of service in six key areas: audits according to RAS and IFRS; tax and law; valuation; finance; accounting, management and IT-consulting; outsourcing; business education. FBK also includes auditing and consulting practices, the bar association FBK Legal and the FBK Economic and Law School.

- The Company’s turnover in 2013 was over 1.5 billion rubles. According to the rating agency Expert RA, FBK’s client base includes other 50 of Russia’s one hundred largest companies.

Competitive Advantages

- comprehensive services to a consistently high quality, tested across time and geography, in accordance with Russian and international standards;

- a combination of continuity and innovation, a tradition of quality, social responsibility and professional innovations in the Company’s activities;

- FBK’s social capital derives from the steady confidence and trust of clients and partners resulting from more than 20 years of professional and honest work with world-class companies and financial institutions across virtually all sectors of the economy;

- a high level of corporate culture and an impeccable reputation, the established academic backgrounds of FBK’s founders, the accumulation of unique professional knowledge, practical techniques and methods, the development of educated, well-trained, dynamic and loyal Company personnel who meet the requirements of the market and the demands of the time;

- expanding the boundaries of the service we provide by ensuring educational innovation, carrying out educational functions, and establishing an influential think tank under the FBK brand name.

Working Principles, Guarantees and Responsibility

FBK’s professional ethics are: independence, integrity, objectivity and professional competence.

The Company’s employees are independent when providing their services. The accounting and consulting businesses at FBK are organizationally separate. Their lack of affiliation means that the judgments and conclusions of our auditors, consultants, and lawyers are based on an impartial and unbiased professional approach to solving problems.

FBK provides necessary and sufficient guarantees to its clients by ensuring strict compliance with the rules and restrictions laid down by Russian law, international professional standards, the standards of professional associations, the Company’s internal standards (internal quality control of services, the effectiveness of which is confirmed by the Audit Chamber of Russia).
FBK’s professional liability is insured by the Open Joint Stock Insurance Company Ingosstrakh. The liability limit for all and each insurance event is 600,000,000 rubles.

FBK’s professional liability is insured by the insurance company Ingosstrakh.

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