First Vice President of FBK Elena Proskurnya: "High degree of social responsibility"

Proskurnya Yelena

Dear Friends!

The FBK brand has become synonymous not only with quality audits, effective consulting, flawless legal support and defense, but also with a high degree of social responsibility.

We are committed to enlightenment and education and to providing charitable assistance. Otherwise, business just becomes a self-contained activity without any meaning or purpose. But we want to be remembered in history, to become an indispensable part of the wider community and its public affairs.

In Latin, “public affairs” is usually translated as “res publica” – and we are creating our own small “republic” – just one part of that large republic which is our country.

But “res publica” also means “commonwealth” – the “common weal”. So we make no distinction between counseling large corporations and economic and legal education, between defending the interests of companies in the courts and helping children who are seriously ill.

It is the “common weal” which unites all the responsible citizens in the country – including our colleagues and the Company. And we perceive the people with whom we work as colleagues, rather than as employees.

So it’s no wonder that we have remained such an attractive employer over the years. At FBK, you can make a real career or just learn a lot. Our Company’s “corporate ladder” has helped more than one generation of young professionals on the way to self-improvement and career advancement.
The historic mansion housing our head office on Myasnitsky Street is also a part of Russia. And working here, “cultivating our garden”, we work towards that “common weal” which is so important to us, and to the country.

Yours sincerely,

Elena Proskurnya, First Vice President, FBK
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