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Partnership and Cooperation Agreement Signed between FBK and FBK Bel

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According to the Agreement, the independent companies have expressed their intention to jointly participate in projects implemented in the Russian Federation and the Republic of Belarus, as well as to work on expanding the list of services for persons interested in establishing or developing business in the allied state.

The purpose of cooperation is to strengthen the strategic positions of the partners, as well as to jointly implement projects in the audit and financial advisory services market of Belarus and Russia.

The agreement also provides for sharing experiences and best practices in all areas of professional services, hosting of and participation in methodological, educational and marketing events, which will allow both companies to constantly improve their proficiency, competitiveness and efficiency, as well as to protect the interests of their clients and partners.

“Signing of the Partnership and Cooperation Agreement is a key milestone in the development of not only both companies, but also audit, consulting and legal activities within our professional services in Russia and Belarus. We hope that this geographic expansion will help us solidify the trust of our clients and contribute to the development of international cooperation in general,” says Irina Sukhova, Senior Partner at FBK.