FBK Consulting Partner
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Partner, Director of International Financial Reporting and Assurance Department
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Partner, Director of the FBK' Strategic Analysis Institute,
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Partner, Director of Management Advisory Department
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Director of Public Sector Advisory Department
Partner, Director of Financial Advisory Department
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Partner, Director of Accounting Advisory Services
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Head of Risk management practice
Tough competition forces companies to evolve constantly, but possibilities for extensive growth are decreasing. Businesses need high quality solutions which can only be trusted to professionals.

FBK’s years of experience in the consulting industry confirm the high qualifications of our experts.

Our expertise not only in a wide variety of different industries, but also with different entities, gives us the ability to take an individual integrated approach to solving the challenges facing each one of our clients.

You face a variety of tasks, such as:

  • developing a system for financial and managerial accounting
  • improving performance and efficiency
  • developing and implementing information systems
  • evaluating and following up on investment opportunities
  • defining and achieving strategic objectives and
  • assessing and forecasting the macroeconomic situation
FBK offers you a wide range of solutions.

As part of accounting consulting, we provide services for the development of accounting systems in accordance with both Russian Accounting Standards and IFRS.

Implementing management accounting systems, optimising organisational structure and implementing SAP, DIRECTUM, 1C business applications – these are just a small selection of the services FBK offers to improve the effectiveness of your business.

Growth opportunities result in the need to evaluate investment projects. FBK provides a full range of services in evaluating investments, from due diligence to optimising business success after mergers or acquisitions.

Implementing growth opportunities includes questions of strategic development.

Thorough market research, analysing alternatives and developing programs to implement strategy – these are the services FBK offers to help you make your future.

FBK’s range of services covers all stages of the company life cycle, but our expertise is not limited to the company’s internal work.

We offer services in analysing the macroeconomic situation, consulting on regional development and writing expert reports on the economic assessment of draft laws. In addition, one of the most important areas of our business is providing consulting and advisory services to the public sector.

Regardless of the complexity and difficult of the tasks you face, our seven departments and more than one hundred experts are ready to place their experience at your disposal to find the most optimal solutions.

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