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We are committed to effectively addressing your priorities and minimise risks associated with:
  • accounting and tax accounting;
  • payroll management;
  • HR records management;
  • preparation of all types of reporting;
  • reconstruction of accounting;
  • financial control;
  • legal support.

Cost effective approach
Your first thoughts may be that it is much more cost effective to pay compensation to the employee under an employment agreement than to outsource this payroll function. However, it is far from true. Apart from employee compensation, You have to pay to extra-budgetary funds on average 25-30 per cent from the amount of compensation. The accountant’s workstation lease, to say nothing of equipment, stationery, licensed programmes, for example, 1C and Taxcom, Consultant and Garant, all of these result in direct expenses. Moreover, any professional must receive on-the-job training, and these expenses are also covered by the employer.

Your liabilities to employees also include vacations and sick leaves, and even maternity leaves, and you are temporarily left with no accountant or lawyer, so your business continuity is at stake. Often you also have to pay recruitment and hiring fees.

Having your accounting function outsourced allows effectively capturing expenses with one invoice per month and facilitating costs management.

Flexibility is at the heart of our services

We do not impose on clients any specific accounting programme or a bank for payment processing, but rather offer a set of services, a package of separate services, allowing a choice.

You are about to enter the market? – We offer the most user-friendly accounting application (on our server, on your server, or cloud-based application) and recommend banks with best client solutions. Document exchange between our firm, your staff and counterparties is organised to facilitate convenient and fast cooperation. With us you are better equipped for that than anyone else.

If you are a long-standing company with well-established accounting practices and banking accounts, and a well-organised document flow framework, we wont be the disrupter, we will align our practices with yours ensuring a smooth transition with minimal change.

We are a Moscow-based firm. Our client outreach is quite wide encompassing the Moscow Region to as remote as Vladivostok.

Applied approach
With a wide clientele and extensive experience in a variety of industries we are well-equipped to apply the state-of-the-art approaches remaining prudent enough to minimise Your related risks. We use the up-to-date databases, including Consultant, Garant, SPARK, OneSource application, have access to all periodicals to stay alert to developments in legislation and regularly receive professional training.

Liability and reputation
We supremely value our reputation and bear liability for all risks that may arise as part of the services we provide. Our team members hold membership of the Institute of Professional Accountants and Auditors of Russia and ACCA or have DipIFR certificates.

Our firms impeccable reputation and immense experience are the guardians of ironclad quality. To be on a safe side, we have our liability insured.

Accounting and tax accounting practices
Payroll management
HR records management
Reporting preparation
Reconstruction of financial accounts
Financial control
Legal support services

Contact details:

Please refer your questions regarding outsourcing services to:
FBK partner Polina Sungurova.
E-mail: SungurovaP@fbk.ru

Please refer your questions regarding legal services to:
FBK Legal partner Alexander Ermolenko.
E-mail: Ermolenko@fbk.ru

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Contact details: +7 (495) 737-53-53

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