Bondholder agency services

Protection of rights and interests of the bondholder:
  • execution of decisions made by the general meeting of the bondholders;
  • detection of circumstances which might result in the breach of rights and legitimate rights of the bondholder;
  • adoption of measures to protect rights and legitimate interests of the bondholder;
  • keeping the bondholder alert to the cases of default (improper performance) of the issuer to perform its bond-related obligations;
  • detection of circumstances which empower the bondholder to demand early redemption;
  • detection of conflict of interests or potential conflict of interest between the bondholder’s agent and the bondholder and take measures to eliminate such conflicts;
  • keeping the bondholder alert to the developments in the legislation on securities market.

Financial and legal monitoring:
  • monitoring the performance by the bond issuer of its financial obligations;
  • monitoring the performance of information disclosure obligations with respect to bonds;
  • monitoring the safety of the subject of pledge with respect to bonds;
  • monitoring proper performance of triggers and bond covenants;
  • monitoring the disbursement of funds by the issuer within a bond transaction.

Court proceedings:
  • initiation of the General meeting of the bondholders;
  • introduce changes into issue documentation, into the scope of bond-related rights;
  • exercise powers of the pledge holder, the beneficiary or the lender under a surety in case of collateralised bonds;
  • request a list of the bondholders;
  • in the event the issuer goes bankrupt, to use the right to raise claims, challenge the issuers transactions, vote at the creditors meeting and other;
  • apply to the court of arbitration and perform other procedural actions;
  • enforce a pledge, including extra-judicially;
  • receive monetary funds or other property from the enforcement of pledge awarded to the bondholder in court under a claim to the issuer (to the person who provided security over the issuers bonds and impartially distribute them between the bondholders;
  • attend (without vote) the general meeting of the shareholders of the issuer;
  • deliver the annual performance report or a report for a specific period on request in compliance with the legislation.

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Please refer your questions regarding bondholder agency services:

To Alexey Terekhov, a FBK partner

To Valery Tyurin, Financial Markets Adviser


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